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mbg-infectex-001Product: SQ109 is a 1,2-ethylene diamine compound, some of which family are used in the first-line treatment of tuberculosis (ethambutol).

The therapeutic focus: pulmonary tuberculosis, including MDR forms; perspective focus – extrapulmonary and generalized tuberculosis, including genitourinary and nervous system tuberculosis, osseous-articular system, as well as tuberculosis of the lymph glands.

Status: Phase 2b-3 clinical trial, preparation of registration dossier

Partner: Sequella, Inc.


SQ109, basically developed by the biotechnology company Sequella, is a low-molecular ethylene diamine compound.

The drug has a unique multicomponent triple mechanism of action, including:

  1. inhibition of mMpl3 – membrane transporter of Tregalose Monomycolate involved in cell wall synthesis of mycobacteria.
  2. inhibition of enzymes involved in quinone biosynthesis MenA and MenG
  3. affects respiration/electron transfer: acts as an uncoupler, collapsing Proton Motive Force  (PMF): pH gradient (ΔpH) and membrane potential (ΔΨ) in bacterial systems, thereby reducing ATP synthesis

The results of preclinical studies and a series of early phase clinical studies, including in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis, have showed that the drug has a good safety and tolerability, which is important in the case of long-term combined treatment.

The preclinical studies have showed:

  • High efficiency against all forms tuberculosis (both sensitive and drug-resistant)
  • Activity against slowly vegetative forms (can be considered as latent tuberculosis)
  • Good pharmacokinetic parameters allowing to achieve target concentration during the treatment course
  • Reach maximal concentration in lung and lien cells in peroral administration
  • Shorten treatment time by 25% in in vivo experimental models
  • Synergistic effect with other anti-tuberculosis drugs (isoniazid, rifampin, bedakvilin).


At the present time the company is due to complete a phase 3 clinical study of the drug SQ109 and evaluate the efficacy of chemotherapy in patients with MDR pulmonary tuberculosis.